Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools

e-wellbeing has a range of practical tools, advice and guidance to help teachers, therapists and parents/carers support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Perfect for inside and outside of the classroom, you can use these resources to prepare young people for school after lockdown, develop coping strategies or simply watch videos of young people sharing their experiences.

Note: There are over 60 free resources below. To view and download the content please ensure you are using a compatible web browser like Chrome. If you need support with accessibility, contact us at [email protected].


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Mental Health

Mental Health activities and resources for young people

Download these handy resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.


Mental Health

Mental Health tools for the classroom and beyond!

All children worry from time to time. Click on these resources to learn how to support their fears and worries.


Mental Health

Mental Health activities for home and in the classroom

Download these handy activities from e-wellbeing to support children's emotional and mental wellbeing.


Mental Health

Learn more about Neurodiversity!

Check out e-wellbeing's Neurodiversity module and watch video highlights from the e-wellbeing Youth Podcast with 17-year old Louisha.


Mental Health

Neurodiversity information and resources

Some helpful resources with information and advice about neurodiversity and how to access support.


International Students

Resources for young asylum seekers

These resources can be downloaded to help international students and young asylum seekers who have moved to the UK (Google Translate available).


International Students

Advice and support for young asylum seekers

Find practical information and tips for supporting young refugees and asylum seekers who have moved to the UK (Google Translate available).


Back to School

Social Skills for young people

Help young people reconnect with their friends and develop social skills with these resources from e-wellbeing.


Back to School

Back to School with e-wellbeing

Transitions can be tricky. Here are some activities from e-wellbeing to help children prepare for school.