The e-wellbeing Youth Podcast

on all things mental health

The e-wellbeing Youth Podcast is focused on all things mental health.

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In this podcast, the digital team at e-wellbeing interviews young people, experts and mental health practitioners on topics impacting young people’s wellbeing today.

Our guests are range from young people sharing their own experiences, to professionals from from many different fields.

If you're under 25 and interested in submitting a question for the show, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

The e-wellbeing Youth Podcast is available across all platforms. Browse the latest epsiodes here.

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e-wellbeing is a mental health platform brought to you by the digital team at YMCA DLG to provide young people with tips, ideas and easily accessible support for their mental health and wellbeing. Explore the site by taking our interactive quiz, searching for a wellbeing service in your area, or trying out one of our feelings modules.


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Podcast archives

Neurodiversity and Mental Health: There’s no such thing as ‘Normal’
We're joined by 17 year old Louisha, who shares the highs and lows of her experiences as a blind and neurodiverse young person...
Mental Health Stigma: What barriers exist in the perceptions and approach to mental health?
For this episode, we are joined by the e-wellbeing Youth Ambassadors to tackle the subject of mental health stigma...
Communication, boundaries and taboos: young people’s thoughts on relationships during a pandemic
In this episode, we talk to YMCA WiSE Youth Ambassadors about how the pandemic has changed relationships for young people...
Positivity: How one teenager started a business to help others with their mental health
We're joined by Kenya, a 14-year old entrepreneur and mental health champion who helps to spread self-love through her positivity journals...
Creativity and Mental Health: How one scholar poet harnesses the power of creativity for social change
We spoke to AFLO. the poet about how social activism helps her to express lived experiences and challenge dominant narratives, particularly in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement...