Self-Harm Resources

Self-Harm Resources

YMCA DownsLink Group and West Sussex Mind are working in partnership to form the Self-Harm Learning Network - a new initiative to help children and young people who are at risk of self-harming.

The network provides inclusive training for parents and professionals, focus groups with young people, and a range of helpful resources (below) to support youth mental health and self-harm. The resources offer practical tools, advice, and guidance for parents and carers, teachers, and healthcare professionals. We also have a variety of supportive resources cocreated with e-wellbeing's young people, for young people, to support emotional health and wellbeing.

Note: To view and download these resources, please ensure you are using a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome. If you need support with accessibility, contact us via email at [email protected].


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Young People

Information and guidance for young people

Find useful tips and advice to help young people learn more about self-harm, what can help them cope safely, and how to reach out for support.


Young People

Resources for tracking thoughts and feelings

These resources can help young people learn more about their emotions, understand their thoughts and feelings, and feel more grounded.


Young People

Self-care resources for young people

Download these handy worksheets from e-wellbeing to help young people practise self-care and look after their emotional and mental wellbeing.


Young People

LGBTQ+ information and resources

Click below to find helpful resources and information, provided by Allsorts Youth Project, for young people identifying as LGBTQ+.


Young People

Helpful resources for coping with self-harm

These resources can help young people learn about useful strategies for coping with self-harm, as well as how to keep themselves safe.


Parents & Carers

Talking about self-harm with a young person

Download these helpful resources for tips and advice on talking about self-harm with young people in a safe, supportive way.


Parents & Carers

Helpful resources for parents, carers, and families

These handy resources can help to learn more about self-harm, how to spot early signs, and how young people can be affected.


Parents & Carers

Resources to use with young people

These resources can be used with young people so that you can learn about self-harm together in a safe and supportive way.


Parents & Carers

Information and guidance for parents/carers

Access professional support and advice, as well as online support groups for those supporting young people who self-harm.