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I feel anxious

We all feel anxious from time to time, but what is anxiety? Click here to find out what anxiety is and how you can manage it.

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I feel low

Are you feeling low in mood? How can you tell? Find out more information and how to help yourself.

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Bullying & Mental Health

Bullying can impact mental health in many ways. Read on to learn more about bullying behaviour, how to improve wellbeing, and where to find support.

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Young Carers & Mental Health

If you’re aged 0-25 and you regularly care for someone (such as a parent or relative), you may be a young carer. Click here to learn more about young carers, hear from other young carers about their experiences, and find professional support.

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Relationships & Sexual Health

Looking after our emotional and sexual health is important for our wellbeing, in and out of relationships. Click here to learn more!

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I feel stressed

How can you manage stress? Why do you get stressed? We have all the tools here to help yourself! Find out more.

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I feel unconfident

Are you struggling to feel like your best self? You might have low self-esteem. Read on to learn what that means and what you can do about it!

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Racism & Mental Health

The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted the effects of racism on mental health. Click here for tips on how to manage your mental health in the face of racism.

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Sexuality & Gender Identity

Are you feeling confused by your sexuality or gender identity? Read on to find out what you can do about these feelings.

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Neurodiversity & Mental Health

Click here to learn more about neurodiversity and how this can be experienced, along with self-care tips and where to find support.

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I feel like hurting myself

Do you feel like hurting yourself? It’s not your only choice. Find help and advice on self-harm here.

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Grief & Mental Health

Are you going through grief or supporting a loved one who is grieving? Learn about what grief is and how to cope with it.

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Information and resources about the current Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic.

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Youth Homelessness & Mental Health

Homelessness can have a significant impact on youth mental health. Click here to learn more, and to find practical advice and support.

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I feel angry

What is anger? Find out how to help yourself and cope with anger.

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Entering the Working World

Are you finishing your studies and feeling unsure about your next steps? Click here to learn more about supporting your wellbeing when moving from education into the working world.

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Learning Disability & Mental Health

Learn more about how learning disabilities can be experienced, and find wellbeing information, advice, and support.

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I feel lonely

Are you feeling lonely? Learn about ways you can cope with feeling alone.

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Social Media & Mental Health

Are you feeling worried about the impact of social media on your mental health? Read more and find out what you can do about it.

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I feel worried about a friend

If you’re struggling to support a friend in need, click here for tips and advice on what to do and the best way to offer a helping hand.

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I feel tired

Having trouble sleeping? Find out if you’re sleep-deprived and what you can do about it.

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