Mental Health Stigma: What barriers exist in the perceptions and approach to mental health?

This week’s episode of the e-wellbeing podcast tackles the subject of mental health stigma. Stigmas are negative assumptions made about people because of how they look or what group they’re perceived to “belong” to. These assumptions mean that the people on the receiving end of the label could be mistreated, not taken seriously or valued in the way that they should be.

How do stigmas affect how young people think and feel about their wellbeing? What role does the media play in this issue? We ask our Youth Ambassadors to unwrap these topics and discuss what we can do together to tackle the unhealthy and unhelpful assumptions about mental health.

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Many thanks to our e-wellbeing Ambassadors Fiona, Sian, Annabel, Phoebe and Amaani for featuring on today’s episode. To find out how to get involved with e-wellbeing’s Ambassador Programme, head to

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