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West Sussex Mental Health Support Teams in Schools

Age range: 5-18

Location: West Sussex       

About the service

The Mental Health Support teams in schools deliver short-term (usually 4-10 sessions) goal-based interventions for children and young people.These are based on either cognitive (managing difficult thoughts and the behaviours they lead to) or behavioural ideas (considering changes to behaviours). They can be delivered as a 1:1 or group. We work with young people with the following difficulties:

* Sleep difficulties related to poor sleep routine, behavioural problems, anxiety-based night-time avoidance behaviours or problematic thoughts or worries at night
* Poor eating patterns or diet affected by and/or affecting mood (NOT eating disorders)
* Low mood, depression and low self-esteem
* Anxiety difficulties including phobias (e.g. animals, vomit, agoraphobia etc.), separation anxiety, social anxiety, school avoidance & excessive worry (NOT OCD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Our support is collaborative, so it is important that you can acknowledge you have a difficulty and you want to talk about and work on it.

If you have more complex/severe difficulties, difficulties not listed above, or high levels of risk or complexity, we may not be the right service for you.

If you meet the above criteria, trainees will see you for a couple of assessment sessions in the first instance, following which it can be agreed together whether a cognitive-behavioural intervention is likely to be helpful and if you are happy to go ahead with this.

The team also provide support to school staff including the designated lead for mental health.

How to access this service

During the training and set-up phase only a small number of selected placement schools can refer. From September 2020 this will grow to 13 schools in the Bognor area and 14 in North West Crawley. If you're not sure if you can be referred to us then check with your school or contact [email protected]