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Get Involved with e-wellbeing!

Our aim is for all young people to be able to access the right support and information around emotional health and wellbeing, in the right place, at a time that is right for you.

This means YOUR voice is the most important one behind the scenes! If you have an interest in mental health and would like to get involved, reach out to us and we can talk with you about volunteering opportunities and about our e-wellbeing Ambassadors Programme. 

Email the e-wellbeing team at e-wellbeing@ymcadlg.org

Why get involved with e-wellbeing?


Volunteering and work experience

If you are a young person interested in mental health and working for a charitable organisation, we have volunteering opportunities where you can learn more about a variety of topics within mental health and gain first-hand experience working on a digital therapeutic platform. Through the programme we can provide references for UCAS, Duke of Edinburgh or other applications.





Build up a creative portfolio

If you have a creative calling or an artistic touch, getting involved with e-wellbeing means getting the opportunity to create multimedia content (videos, illustrations, graphics, podcasts) and learn more about how creativity and mental health can intersect. It is an opportunity to use digital tools and creativity to process your own feelings while helping and relating to other young people.





Make new friends, join the community!

Volunteering with e-wellbeing is also an opportunity to meet other young people and connect with each other on all things mental health, make friends and have insightful conversations with people who may have experienced the same things as you.

Have you got an idea for a creative project about mental health? We'd love to hear from you! Email the e-wellbeing team at e-wellbeing@ymcadlg.org.

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