MHC Online Learning Hub

Welcome to the Mental Health Champions online learning hub!

The video below can be used for both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, depending on what your team has worked on so far. We also have a selection of resources that can be used during the workshops to help Champions start delivering their student-led action.

Time Stamps:

Mindfulness exercise - 01:05

Workshop 1: Intro and Ground Rules - 06:33

Workshop 1: What affects youth mental health? - 07:12

Workshop 1: What is a 'student-led action'? - 07:57

Workshop 2: What happened last time? - 08:30

Workshop 2: What did you think about the phrase 'student-led action'? - 08:59

Workshop 2: Writing your Mission Statement - 09:30

Workshop 2: Assigning Team Roles - 10:08

In your next session - 10:52


If your workshops are continuing online, we will add more videos to this page in the coming months.

You can find a wide range of additional resources that can be used in workshops on our Schools Page.

If you'd like to find more helpful information and tips about youth mental health, click here!