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Young Oasis Brighton

Age range: 5-18

Location: Brighton & Hove       

About the service

Young Oasis offers a specialist therapy service to children aged 5-18 affected by family alcohol or drug problems.  We also offer advice and guidance to families supporting children who have  been impacted by family alcohol or drug problem.

We know that when a parent has an alcohol or drug problem it affects not just them, but everyone around them.  Life can feel different from other people, and  young people can feel isolated, angry, conflicted and worried.

Our therapy service offers a space to help support and work through these issues.  We have a great deal of experience supporting familes struggling in this way.

After an initial meeting, young people are offered 16 sesssions one to one with a therapists. This is a private space, in which to build confidence,  get support and help process difficult feelings.  

All appointments will be taking place over the phone due to Covid-19.

How to access this service

We have an open referral policy, so anyone can refer via our website:

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