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Age range: 2-17

Location: West Sussex        Tel: 01243 786349

About the service

Lifecentre dedicates itself to supporting survivors struggling with the effects of their experiences of rape and sexual abuse through face-to-face counselling at one of our three confidential centres across West Sussex. Support is also available for the supporters of a survivor. For child survivors under the age of 10, we instead offer play therapy as a creative means of support. All of our specialist services are offered regardless of age, gender, background, disability, religion or race. Everyone who needs this support is welcome to make a referral to Lifecentre.

As a result of the current covid-19 situation, our counselling is taking place over the phone and using zoom to ensure the safety of our survivors and counsellors rather than face-to-face, meaning that currently any contact between survivors and counsellors for either an initial assessment or counselling sessions will be digital. To best be able to support our child survivors at this time, play therapy has been paused as it this is difficult to do over the phone. instead our play therapist has sent out therapeutic play packs, will send weekly postcards to the children and is providing weekly support phone calls to their to parents.

How to access this service

Lifecentre welcomes referrals from all survivors of rape and/or sexual abuse from across West Sussex and their supporters.

Referrals can be made by an individual looking for support, a family member or through an organisation such as a Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Children’s Services, GPs etc.

To make a referral, please call 01243 786349 to speak with one of the friendly office team.