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Back on Track Brighton and Hove

Age range: 5-18

Location: Brighton & Hove        Tel: 01273 293966

About the service

Back on Track provide support to families when a parent is drinking too much.

It can be hard for children and young people who are worried about a parent’s drinking to know who to speak to.

They may feel worried about what is going to happen to them or their parent, and they may not understand why their parent is drinking. Some children worry it’s their fault, but it’s really important that they know that this isn’t the case.

Support offered includes:

-One to one support for young people affected by their parents/carers alcohol use, in schools, in the community and over the phone

-Support for young people caring for their parent who is drinking too much

-Therapy for 5-18 year olds who may be affected by a parents drinking to help them find ways to cope with what’s happening

-One to one support with parents who would like to reduce their drinking

-Training and advice for professionals working with families, when a parent may be drinking too much

How to access this service

Contact Youstina Brais (young people and families practitioner)

Phone: 01273293966

Email: [email protected]