We Teamed Up with YMCA WiSE to Support Young People with Relationships and Sexual Health!

Our relationships with others can have a big impact on both mental and physical wellbeing; whether you choose to have an emotional or sexual relationship, or you prefer not to have a romantic partner, it’s important that both your mind and body are safe and happy.

We’ve teamed up with YMCA WiSE to encourage conversations about relationships and sex, and provide young people with practical information, advice, and wellbeing tips in our brand new Relationships & Sexual Health module!

This module, co-created with young people, explores how relationships can be experienced, tips for long-distance relationships, information about sexual health and contraception, and where to find specialist support. It also includes videos from YMCA WiSE Ambassadors Catt and Louisa, who discuss the importance of consent, and tips for sexual health and wellbeing.

Mental health can also be affected by being concerned for a friend who may be in an unhealthy relationship. You may be worried about their wellbeing, but feel unsure about how to approach the situation. In this video, WiSE Ambassador Teddy shares their advice for supporting a friend, including how to start the conversation whilst looking after your own wellbeing too.

To find out more, check out the full module here!


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