Ready, Set, Connect

Ready, Set, Connect! is a solution-focused, youth-led project, which explores the barriers that young people (aged 16-25) face when accessing online or telephone mental health appointments. e-wellbeing and YMCA Right Here has worked with young people (aged 16-25) across Sussex to create solutions to break these barriers, and improve the experience of young people accessing these services.

A number of solutions were developed, and the most popular young people-facing solution was a digital guide to help young people prepare for their remote mental health appointment.

e-wellbeing and YMCA Right Here volunteers were involved in the second phase of this project, and helped with the planning and development of this digital guide. It includes:

  • Practical tips and strategies for preparing in the weeks, days, and hours before an appointment
  • Information on privacy and confidentiality
  • Links to services providing support
  • Advice for de-stressing after the appointment

The other recommendations and solutions include:

  • Establishing a positive relationship with the professional (having basic information about the professional, and using ice breakers/check in to ease anxiety at the start of each call)
  • Different means of communication (using the chat function during a video call or quick drawings to communicate emotions)
  • Providing a safe space (access to a designated 'safe space' to use a public computer/device to avoid being overheard by family or flatmates)

For practical tips on how to get ready for online therapy, click here.

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For a digital version of the original Ready, Set, Connect! Guide, click here.