Practising Yoga with Mindful Warriors

At Mindful Warriors our work is as much about sharing the practice of yoga and mindfulness for wellbeing and positive mental health as it is about youth work and developing community projects. Our vision is to empower individuals to fearlessly achieve their potential and lead their most balanced lives.

A consistent yoga practice can strengthen the respiratory system, strengthen the immune system, remove toxins, help to deal with anxiety and fear, and encourages a calmer state of mind – all things that the body and mind need in times such as these.

Durgha Ramji, Co-Founder of Mindful Warriors shared:

The past year has certainly been challenging however supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the young people and community we serve has been so important to us. Over the past year we have continued to engage with schools and community organisations online. Learn more about our projects in Brighton and get involved!

Mindful Warriors Digital Classroom

If you've never tried a yoga class before then visit our Digital Classroom! With more than 30 yoga video lessons to choose from, join our yoga teacher Geoff and his daughter Cora as they lead you through breathing exercises, yoga poses and fun sequences to get you moving and active! Click here to try your first lesson!

Online Yoga Sessions at School and with Youth Organisations

It certainly has been hard not to visit schools and youth organisations in person. However, student mental health and wellbeing of course remains a high priority for us. With the support of some very amazing school teachers, we have been visiting school assembly and sports halls virtually by being projected onto the big screen like in the picture below! Pagane, a young person who has joined all our online sessions with youth organisation Amaze Sussex, wrote this cool article about her experience! 



Outdoor Yoga Sessions

Our small group Outdoor Yoga Sessions will be back in Summer 2021. Last year we delivered sessions in Brunswick Square, Preston Park and Knoll Park working with more than 50 young people. Soaking up the sunshine, focusing on our breathing and taking to time to reflect on how we are feeling were all important parts of the yoga class. We will share the details of our upcoming sessions on our website here

Elders Seated Yoga

Yoga is for everyone! A very special project we are proud of is working with more than 100 elderly citizens each week and offering them an online seated yoga class. Many of the elders who join us each week are shielding at home or live by themselves. Our classes have been an opportunity for them to stay connected with friends, keep active and has improved their mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more about our work or bring yoga and mindfulness sessions to your school, youth group or community organisation then we'd love to help. Write to [email protected] or visit


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