Foundations For Our Future

We're so excited that our Youth Ambassadors have been involved in 'youth proofing' Foundations For Our Future – an independent review of emotional health and wellbeing support for children and young people in Sussex.

It's so important to ensure youth voice continues to be heard in the development of Foundations for our Future, so that real, effective change can happen.

Watch this video to hear what our young people have to say about the experiences of young people receiving mental health support in Sussex, and where changes need to be in place to improve access to vital services:

The NHS and local authorities across Sussex have committed to working together to improve the experience and lives of all local children and young people who are in need of emotional health and wellbeing support. Some of the key recommendations from the review are:

  • A ‘radical redesign’ of emotional health and wellbeing services for children and young people
  • Listen and respond to the voices of children, young people, and their families
  • Improve access and achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Make sure health and care services in Sussex are co-designed with those using the services
  • Ensure that investment in services reflects the local need for mental health and wellbeing support
  • Improve the accuracy and availability of health and care data to help plan and monitor the quality of services
  • Ensure that health and care services are delivered in a more cohesive way

Find more information, including the full report and infographic (co-created with our Youth Ambassadors) by clicking here!


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