My Summer Placement with e-wellbeing!

After finishing my A-Levels this summer, the idea of spending the next three months doing nothing seemed a bit daunting, especially as I like to keep busy.  

I’ve been volunteering with e-wellbeing for just over a year now. As a Psychology student who loves art and design, volunteering has helped me improve my knowledge of youth mental health while also using my creative skills.  

I decided to reach out to the e-wellbeing team and ask about summer work opportunities, and after a few conversations, I was offered a paid summer placement as an e-wellbeing Assistant! 

What does my placement involve? 

So far, the role has been really flexible around my availability. I work 3 days a week, and I’m doing ‘hybrid-working’ – this means I can work from home, or go into the office, depending on what works best for me and the team! It’s great to have the variety; some days I like working from home, while others I prefer to get out of the house. 

What have I been working on so far?  

I’m one month into my placement, and I’ve already been involved in a range of projects and worked in lots of different ways. Some examples are:  

  • Designing and reviewing content for the e-wellbeing website and encrypted therapy platform  

  • Creating social media content (such as reels) and psychoeducational resources   

  • Representing e-wellbeing at the BHASVIC Futures Fair (which is where I went to college, so this was strange but also fun!) 

  • Attending regular team meetings to plan future projects  

  • Helping to organise and host the Mental Health Champions Celebration Event (including designing tote bags and other materials for the event!)  

What does a typical day look like?  

I work from 10am to 4pm, and usually start my day by going through my emails and checking for any feedback on work I’ve done. I’ve recently learned how to create folders, so this helps me to keep organised!  

Then I make a list of things I need to do to make sure I don’t forget anything. I do this online so I can organise it in order of importance. This way I can focus on the urgent tasks, then come back to the others later when I have more time. 

I tend to work on a few different tasks at a time, which allows me to jump between things. I find this helps me stay focused because I prefer to have a variety of things to work on, rather than doing the same task for a long time.  

I usually take my lunch break around 12.30pm. if I’m working at the office, I like to spend it in the nearby park, whereas at home I will cook something amazing like scrambled egg on toast!  

I finish work at 4pm, so I either get the bus home or, if I’m already there, I can just close my laptop and relax What’s it like to be part of the team? 

Since I started my placement, I have definitely felt like part of the team   

If I have any questions throughout my day (and I usually do!) I can message the other e-wellbeing staff members on Teams or via email, or if we are in the office, I can speak to them in person.  

One thing that’s helped me feel comfortable very quickly is the fact that I already know most of the team from working with them as a Volunteer Youth Ambassador. This means I don’t have to worry about getting to know lots of new people, which can feel a bit overwhelming. 

Final thoughts 

From my experience so far, I’d say my placement is quite similar to volunteering, but I’m more involved with the various projects, as well as all the bits going on behind the scenes. Being involved in these projects has made me feel like I am making a difference, which is something I want to do.  

So, the results are in – I am enjoying my placement, and I’m sure the next few months will be just as great as this one! 

Thanks for reading  



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