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#YouGotThis with e-wellbeing

How are you really feeling?

How are you really feeling?

Tired? Meh? Bored? Fed up? ⁠Alright? Good?

With Lockdown 2.0 in full swing and a new Tier System on the way, it’s okay to feel different emotions. 

Many of us feel like we’ve taken one step forward by getting back into routines after the previous lockdown, but two steps back now that we’ve gone into Lockdown 2.0.

In a recent report, 80% of young people said that the pandemic has affected their mental health. Research also shows many of you are feeling isolated, bored, missing friends and are worried about school or uni. And trust us, that’s understandable!  We also know that some of you actually feel okay about lockdown this time around, which is also completely fine.

But hang in there, because despite the ups, downs and uncertainties, you got through lockdown before and you can do it again. You really have got this, and e-wellbeing has got you!

#YouGotThis Campaign

Focused on all things mental health, e-wellbeing is an NHS approved digital wellbeing service for young people.  We provide tips, advice and support during lockdown and beyond, so you can access the right tools for your emotional health and mental wellbeing, in the right place at a time that is right for you.

Like we’ve already said, you got through lockdown before and can do it again. But this time around, we’d like you to reflect on the things that helped get you through the previous lockdown when you were feeling a bit meh.  How about answering these questions?

⭐Did you practise self-care during the first lockdown?

⭐What things helped when you were having an off day?

⭐What did you learn about your emotional wellbeing? 

⭐Did you talk to someone if you were feeling overwhelmed?

This might mean spending time in nature, taking a breather, calling a friend or doing some art. There is no right or wrong as everyone is so different, as you can see from the images on this page and in our campaign video (scroll right down to see the video).

#YouGotThis Campaign
Get Involved with #YouGotThis

Get Involved with #YouGotThis

Sharing is caring, and the #YouGotThis movement is all about YOU! Together we can raise awareness and inspire more young people to look after their mental health during this pandemic.

We’ll be sharing your selfie images on what you learnt about the last lockdown and videos from experts giving helpful tips on ways to look after your mental health and wellbeing.

To join e-wellbeing’s campaign, check out the video below then send us your selfie images and video clips to e-wellbeing@ymcadlg.org or tag us from your social media handle (see ours below) so we can empower more young people like you to keep going. 

And remember, #YouGotThis! 


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